Welcome to XML Schema Documenter!

XML Schema Documenter is a Sandcastle Help File Builder plug-in that allows you to integrate reference documentation for XML schemas in your help files.


  • XML Schema Documenter allows you to easily create XML schema documentation by extending Sandcastle Help File Builder.
  • XML Schema Documenter automatically utilizes the standard annotation Element for summary documentation.
  • You can leverage the power of Microsoft Assistance Markup Language (MAML) for documenting your XML schema items.
  • Since XML Schema Documenter emits the documentation as MAML the output style is always consistent with the rest of your help file.
  • You can document your XML schemas either inline or in an external documentation file.
  • Using a custom XSLT transform you can easily create or reuse your own inline documentation format.
  • You can effectively cross-link your XML schema with your MAML documentation using the MAML link element and the new xmlEntityReference element.



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