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Creating Valid MAML


Attached is a standalone tool based on the 54319 change set. It creates a valid MAML output eliminating every use of the markup and all html tags in the output.

To build and run the tool:
  1. Open the "..\XsdDocumentation\TestSample\Source\SandcastleAssist.sln" solution and build it - this is the build library used after the XSD documentation output is generated.
  2. Open the "..\XsdDocumentation\XsdDocumentation.sln" solution, build and run.
  3. Click the "Open" button, and browse to the available samples directory and select the *.xsdprj, test project.
  4. Click the "Build" button to build the project, it will also compile it to the Help 1.x and display it.
You can examine the output directory "..Output\xsdTopics" to see the generated MAML.

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